Landing Pages

Ways to Watch

FOX Networks

Web page designs as part of a growth initiative aimed at encouraging users of and to sign up with a TV provider to unlock all content on their respective sites.

Evergreen Event Page

FOX Sports

A web page template designed to adapt to any major sporting event. The page is intended to live all year long to gain authority in SEO ranking between yearly events. Each section is designed to exists in two states: pre- and post-event.

In a pre-event state, the hero leads to an editorial preview of the upcoming event, relevant news stories are pulled in dynamically, and an FAQ section provides answer on how, where, and when to watch. Post-event, the hero is updated to direct users to a recap of the event, a final score section is added, and the FAQs are updated accordingly.

App Relaunch Teaser

FOX Sports

A sneak-peek landing page to capture email of potential beta testers for the revamped FOX Sports app. This landing page launched on Super Bowl Sunday 2020 and exceeded its goal of 10K sign-ups, hitting 27K total.

Wilder vs Fury

FOX Sports

When FOX Sports and ESPN shared the rights to a Premier Boxing Champions pay-per-view event, there was a need for a brand-agnostic landing page to which users were directed from paid media placements. The idea was to give the user the option of choosing which of the sports networks to purchase from, leaving aside all company branding so as not to favor one side over the other.