Authentication Optimization

Growth Experiment

Reimagining the MVPD authentication experience by providing the user context


While the FOX Networks websites are free to use, fully unlocking all content requires the user to authenticate their multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD — aka cable or satellite provider) credentials.

The Problem

It was found that nearly a third of users who were prompted to authenticate after clicking through paid media efforts browsed the sites but did not complete authentication.

Design Opportunity

Changing the authentication experience from transactional to one that is informational and inviting for the user while testing if this approach might also increase the video-start rate.

The Process

Original Design

The original design offered instructions to sign in on branded FOX pages. Users may have felt, however, a slight disconnect landing on these pages having arrived by clicking on paid media that displayed key art for a specific show or sport match-up.

User Flows

It was important that the redesign not add any additional barriers to viewing the desired content. Authentication already required leaving the FOX sites to enter credentials — adding additional, unnecessary steps would increase the likelihood of drop-offs. We made the decision to grow the existing design rather than create a separate page that lived between two current points in their journey.


I created wireframes for a web page that was composed of three vital sections:

  • A hero that serves relevant content, bridging the experience from end-to-end 
  • A breakdown of necessary next-steps to begin viewing
  • The TV provider selection as it existed, auto-populated with the most popular providers by area
High-fidelity mocks

The wireframes were then translated into two high-fidelity mocks — for entertainment and for sports. The imagery was intended to be refreshed at different points throughout the year to display in-season or high-priority content.

Testing + Final Takeaway

The designs ran as an experiment for several weeks after which it was determined that, while the new experience did increase authentication rates, the lift did not meet the threshold for what was considered statistically significant.

Although the results of the experiment were not overwhelming, they do show that providing more context and consistency between touchpoints can move numbers in a positive direction.

My Role

  • UX/UI Design, Prototyping


  • Sara Miller, Optimization
  • David Neipris, Copywriting


  • 6 weeks


  • Sketch
  • Invision