The Kabbalah Centre

In 2017, The Kabbalah Centre underwent a re-branding that required a lot of the existing designs to be revisited and updated to meet the new design standards. The old format for email newsletters required that a unique image be included for each of the courses listed. However, due to the high volume of design requests, it was not uncommon that some of the courses that were scheduled months in advanced not have these unique assets ready by the date of the newsletter was to be deployed.

Using only the brand typefaces and colors, I designed a new newsletter that was visually captivating without the use of images.

Camera IQ

At Camera IQ, I was tasked with revamping the email templates across multiple categories — newsletters, case studies, and onboarding. The core objective was to infuse the company’s visual brand into their email design and ensuring that each email type was clearly distinguished from the next. Below is a taste of each:

FOX Soul

The FOX Soul app was launched for television streaming devices in the summer of 2020. The all-new app, while completely free, requires the user to create an account to fully unlock all features. An email was designed to verify email addresses after account creation that uses top FOX Soul talent to entice the recipient to complete the verification process.